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BRIZO, pilot in Risør
BRIZO, pilot in Risør

Press release -

NEWS UPDATE: Fred. Olsen 1848 has deployed the Floating PV Technology BRIZO in Risør, Norway

Fred. Olsen 1848 is proud to announce that the 50x50 meter, 124 kW pilot project in Risør, Norway has successfully been deployed at sea and will be commissioned during spring. It has been a very educating and exciting process, where we take away additional knowledge and know-how for the next phases to come for our floating solar solution, BRIZO.

Our pilot project in Risør serves as a testing ground for refining the components of our floating PV technology. Moving forward, the technology behind BRIZO will transition to the next phase, focusing on the foundational design work to facilitate the development of a 3MW first unit project tailored for commercial application. The invaluable insights acquired from deploying and operating our pilot project of BRIZO will be instrumental in optimizing our technology, ensuring that our system is meticulously crafted for commercial viability.

Looking at our pilot project of BRIZO in Risør, we have achieved significant milestones and demonstrated our expertise in various critical areas:

Successful Concept Scaling:

  • Our pilot project served as a testing ground for scaling our concepts, affirming its feasibility and potential for larger-scale implementation.

Panel Module Assembly and Transport:

  • The project gave us experience in assembling and transporting floating solar modules, streamlining processes for future applications.

Proven Installation Feasibility for the Larger Infrastructure:

  • Through the pilot, we successfully established methods for effective pre-assembly of the system, showcasing our adept handling and transportation in preparation for installation.
  • The pilot project introduced methodologies for rope mesh installation, enhancing precision and reliability.
  • Rope lock installation methodology feasibility
  • Reliable floating walkway Implementation

Efficient Floating Access with Catamaran Vessel:

  • The project helped us demonstrate the utilization of our O&M catamaran for the installation process and ongoing operation and maintenance of the solar panels.

“The process of installing BRIZO in Risør, Norway has gone as expected with a successful outcome. We are delighted to be able to showcase the fundamentals of BRIZO working in a real-life setting and using the knowledge gained from the deployment and operation of BRIZO to fine-tune our components for upcoming projects for commercial use.”
Geir Grimsrud, CTO, Fred. Olsen 1848

The design philosophy behind BRIZO:

BRIZO is designed to follow the motion of the ocean withstanding ocean environments. The floating solar modules can move individually within a pre-tensioned rope mesh, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to environmental conditions making it thrive in both inland waterbodies and near- and offshore environments. This design not only enables the efficient harnessing of solar energy but also uniquely addresses the challenges posed by wave and wind loads. The environmental forces are intelligently distributed through the mesh and mooring system, showcasing a simple and resilient approach to floating PV technologies.

Key Features of BRIZO:

1) Individual Movements:
The floating solar modules move freely and independently within a pre-tensioned rope mesh, preventing collisions.

2) Adaptive to Environmental Forces: The mesh and mooring system distribute wave and wind loads, ensuring stability and longevity.

3) Simplistic Design: The design components of BRIZO ensure deployment in various areas of the world.

4) Cost-efficient O&M Solution: BRIZO comes with an integrated O&M catamaran, that sets a new standard for cost-efficiency in floating PV O&M solutions.


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We are a determined and multidisciplinary team with a broad variety of industry experience within the field of renewables, all working towards our goal to make sustainable energy more widely available to help combat climate change.

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